Classmate conversation #2


This week, I spoke with Roy, who is also a freshman in college like myself. He’s been in private school for most of his time in school up until college. Roy is studying in political science in order to achieve his goal of going to law school and becoming a lawyer.We both enjoy watching movies in our free time and named a bunch of movies we have yet to see like Doctor Strange. I asked Roy, why he chose to come to CSULB out of all the other Universities in California and responded, ” the other schools like the UC’s didn’t accept me plus I don’t have the money to afford a UC anyway.” I could relate because I was in the same boat too. We chose CSULB because it’s close to where we lived and it’s a good education for the price.It was really awesome getting to talk to Roy and getting to know my classmates better because many of us have a lot in common. (Double click photo for a link to Roy’s page)


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