Wk.14 – Sketching in the Japanese Gardens


This are my sketches of the garden, I enjoyed sketching the one art I can actually do. I drew some of the bridges, trees, a rock, a fish, the pond with lily pads and etc. It was very nice in the garden for my first time there and it was very quite and peaceful. I will definitely go back to appreciate the nature, to relax or possible to study for finals coming up.


WK.13 – Classmate Conversations – Colin Rogers


This week I spoke with Colin (Blond hair) who is also a gamer like myself. Colin is a third year electrical engineer major. He really loves electronics which influence the choice of his major and used his hard earned money to build his own computer from scratch. Overall, Colin is a really cool dude glad to have met him and become friends along with Sahil, and Milon (in photo above).

Wk.13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez


Selvatica (wild) exhibit

Laura was talking to me about how all of her paintings are inspired by jungles because of how nature creates everything to work together perfectly the ecosystem she said. Also her work is based off pantheism, which is the universe as full of spirit and intelligence of life as a whole spiritual reality. Laura is also a student at CSULB studying in Fine Arts. She also said she perceives the jungle as her home not physically but psychological.


Wk. 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


No – Mans Land Exhibit

Alice say she creates her work using a singular viewpoint of how the world is viewed. She explained how the landscape in the painting reveals the ideologies of a culture. She also talked about how this form of art she creates is referred to as a pure form. Due, to the new ways of seeing and a transformative, expansive spirit as Alice described it. In this type of work every piece in the painting plays a part in visualizing the viewpoint.

Wk.11 – Classmate Conversation – Sahil

This week I spoke with Sahil which was pretty cool because I didn’t know we have a lot of things in common. For example, he’s a gamer, work part time, and ¬†goes to the gym; I do those things too. We both enjoy watching the Lakers play. One interesting thing I learned about Sahil is he likes to collect sneakers which sounds awesome. I made a new friend which I’m happy to announce but in the process I forgot to take a picture for the activity.

Wk.11 – Artists conversation – Nicole Borgo


Finding all the piece and how they fit together exhibit

When I was talking Nicole she was explain how her work expresses the idea everything happens for a reason that what I understood. Nicole uses ceramic tiles to record important events in her life. I told her I do the same myself except instead of tiles I collect objects that help me remember like memento. The hand gestures like the one in this photo help her symbolize relationships.